IT Services

With the implementation of Truck Appointment System, trucking companies are able to create the truck appointment for a given time slots either to pick-up or drop-off the container.

This helps to reduce lengthy truck queues and information processing times and facilitates a more efficient allocation of personnel. Trucks arrive when needed and benefit from faster processing and reduced wait times. Minimizing wait times and improving timeliness of deliveries will improve customer satisfaction and productivity for both trucking companies and terminal operator.

The Terminal Operating System of Hutchison Ports Dammam has fully integrated EDI module that generates and auto delivers EDIs through email to our customers. This included following UN EDIFACT EDIs:


Also the Import/Export EDIs uploaded by Ship Agents to SaudiEDI, a government based nationwide EDI system, are uploaded to Terminal operating system by our Planning department without the need to submit the manifest hard copy by the Ship Agent and manual data entry. This ensures data accuracy and faster data availability in our TOS for operational planning.

This on-site facility helps our customers to fetch first hand information of their consignment from our Terminal Operating System, in a simple and easy to use manner. This includes the position and status of container, custom examination status, and vessel schedule

Hutchison Ports Dammam IT has setup an SMS gateway integrated with the Terminal Operating system. As soon as the consignment is cleared by Customs, a SMS notification is sent to the clearing/forwarding agent. This provides first hand information about the consignment status and expedites the delivery process.

Hutchison Ports Dammam mobile application provides you all your required tracking functionalities on your smart device, which makes the process of tracking containers faster, easy and simple.

  • Tracking consignments/shipments on the go
  • Real time business status information with Hutchison Ports Dammam
  • Speed up deliveries of cleared consignments
  • Check your balance, payment/deposits details, and account statement
  • Generate and print reports/invoices at customers desk